Interested in other collectors' sites?

Have a look at ...

... the homepages of the two German Breweriana Collector`s Clubs FvB and IBV. They both unite more than 3.000 collectors worldwide under the umbrella of breweriana items.

... beerlabels and brewery history of breweries from Switzerland and from the former German Democtratic Republic: Beat Hauser has created one of the most attractive beerpages - defintely!

... the sites of Kay Schmädicke, a beerlabel collector from Cologne. He shows some rare beerlabels from the area of the former German Democratic Republic.

... the pages of Michael Doulton, an Australian guy whose main interest is collecting exotic beerlabels. Excellent photos of rare labels and a good text make these pages really worth surfing on (especially his brewery visit in Egypt).

... maybe the leading collector of beerlabels, Hendrik Thomann. He shows beerlabels from all over the world as well as very rare ones from the former German Democratic Republic.

... the "" of Robert West. Brewery addresses from all over the world and interesting news about the brewing-industry are obtainable.

... the pages of Umit Ugur. He is an Australian collector of beer labels and shows many scanned labels on his sites.

... the web-pages of the German beer label collector Tilo Froemmel. He shows links to breweriana collectors all over the world as well as links to breweries.

... the sites from Radek Kwiecien, a collector from Gliwice/Poland, shows the 10 largest internet collections in 1999 on his pages. Please feel free to participate in one of the next issues!

... breweries worldwide (more than 6.400 with over 1.300 links), clubs, collectors' pages, international meetings, links, labels and coaster-GIFs are shown by Vincenzo Tucciarone.

... the pages of Klaus Ehm. He used to have a big collection and nowadays shows a couple of thousand scans.

... the label collection of Wolfgang Markert. He lives in Germany and collects mainly beerlabels from "Thüringen".

... the collectors` pages of Bastien Bernard. He is from France and has more than 55.700 beerlabels from 185 countries.

... more than 10.000 different beerlabels from Denmark: Tommy Holm has build up very impressive pages.

... the hobbypages of Ingrid Graß. They show nearly everything which is new about breweries in the area of Cologne.

... the pages of Matthias Walter. Besides beertrucks he collects nearly everything on beer and breweries in Saxonia.

... the pages of Markus Splett. He is a German collector of mats/coasters.

... the pages of Martin Setz. He collects everything to do with the former "Setz-Bräu" at Moosburg/Bavaria.

... the former German Democratic Republic is still alive on the webpages of Sven Hausdorf. A lot of information about its breweries and collectors' items are given here.

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