Die Bieretikettensammlung bekommt ein neues Zuhause!


From the first plank to the complete shell of the house

Greven / Westf. / 4th August, 2003

Just two and a half hours later this work was done and after having a short look at the construction plans the carpenters started to assemble our new home:

Greven / Westf. / 5th August, 2003

Wow! Now you can get a first impression of our house. 14 layers of logs are finished and the carpenters really did a good job. 33° Celsius - what an amazing summer!

Greven / Westf. / 6th August, 2003

Today was our day! The brush in the right hand, the paint in the left: Thanks to family support, the first painting is done. Tomorrow we will go on ...

Greven / Westf. / 7th August, 2003

Today the crane arrived again to bring some more wood!

Greven / Westf. / 8th August, 2003

Pictures sometimes tell more than words:

Greven / Westf. / 9th August, 2003

Barbecue-Party together with some friends - fun, fun, fun ...

Greven / Westf. / 11th August, 2003

A new week, new action: Today the carpenters started to build the first ceiling.

Greven / Westf. / 12th August, 2003

Merrily we go on! Ceiling ready, first parts of the upper floor are installed. Tomorrow temperature will be a little lower (today at 5.30 p.m. 39° Celsius - amazing!).

Greven / Westf. / 13th August, 2003

Just a couple of steps and the roof is done! You donīt need much imagination to guess how 
the house finally will look like!

Greven / Westf. / 14th August, 2003

Greven / Westf. / 19th August, 2003

Greven / Westf. / 21st August, 2003

The shell of the building is finished: the windows are fixed, the roof-tarpaulin
is arranged - time for  the topping-out ceremony.