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Preparing the ground and foundation

Greven / Westf. / 4th March, 2003

Will we take it or not? Uncultivated field - a hard decision!

Greven / Westf. / 27th April, 2003

The decision is made: We will build our own house! The perfect ground is found, the building sign is fixed:

Greven / Westf. / 3rd June, 2003

"Moving the topsoil, storing at the side, 1,50 m filling up with sand and thicken the sand" is the order. One lorry load after the other, the driver of the excavator had to work quite hard ...

Greven / Westf. / 23rd to 29th July, 2003

The foundations are layed. On the 4th August the mega trailer from Finland will arrive to bring the kit of the house. Keep in touch not to miss out further progress.